MARKOS SPANOS & COMPANY LAW OFFICE - Welcome to Markos Spanos & Co

Welcome to Markos Spanos & Co

We are a modern and progressive firm which nonetheless honours and respects the foundations and traditions of the legal profession.

Our firm's philosophy is to constantly strive for excellence in our work, maintain the highest professional standards, treat our clients with the utmost respect and loyalty, communicate with them on a human and personal level and exercise maximum effort in assisting them to achieve their individual goals and objectives in a prompt and cost effective way.

We believe that our firm's greatest asset lies in our human resources. All our lawyers have excellent academic qualifications. They keep up with the developments of the law in their chosen field of specialisation.

Their high standard of knowledge, technical capability, professional integrity and dedication to their work, make them extremely capable professionals who can successfully complete any work they undertake.



Markos Spanos & Co is one of the oldest and most reputable Cyprus law firms.

Markos Spanos & Co was founded by Markos Spanos, who was called to the Cyprus Bar in 1957. Mr Spanos, who also served for a number of years as President of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal and as Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, left the firm in 2003 having accepted a presidential appointment to the office of President of the Public Service Commission.

Mr Spanos has concluded his time in the office of the President of the Public Service Commission and has returned back to the firm in 2009 as a consultant.



The offices of Markos Spanos & Co are situated in the business centre of Nicosia, in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, amidst major Government buildings (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, Public Service Commission), embassies and other distinguished buildings such as the House of Parliament, the Cyprus Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Theatre.

Its close proximity to the Nicosia District Court and the Supreme Court of Cyprus makes the location even more privileged.



Our firm is proud to be a member of the PLG International Lawyers network, thus having the support of Europe's first integrated international law practice, with offices in most European countries and other parts of the world, with more than 900 lawyers and civil law notaries.

Through the PLG network we offer all the advantages of a global law firm while maintaining a close personal contact and relationship with our clients.